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An Evening of Unabashed
Patriotism and Nostalgia
Mark down June 17 on your calendar!

It comes just a few days after Flag Day, and a few days before July 4. On June 11 Three Oaks celebrates Flag Day with a parade (the biggest in the country!) that will also mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of Three Oaks! Harbor Country Opera will be part of that celebration, marching in that parade, and performing a concert on June 17 at the Acorn Theater at 8pm that will stir and rekindle the kind of patriotic feelings and memories that we, as Americans, can fondly recall from our earliest twinges of pride in our country.  A kind of twinge that we all share.


Pundits may say we are divided.  But at Harbor Country Opera we believe in the great healing power of music, and we intend to prove it to every single person in our audience on that Saturday night in June in little Three Oaks.    America’s music, from the nostalgic rural charm of Steven Foster, to the jaunty, chest slapping tunes of George M. Cohan, is the one tonic that can bind us all together. Think about Soprano Rachael Holzhausen singing Beautiful Dreamer and baritone John Payonk singing 76 trombones. We will have failed if everyone at our performance doesn’t walk out smiling at his neighbors


Right and left are simply sides of the same body.

But in the middle, we find the heart. Songs like Shenandoah, You are love, It’s a Grand Old Flag, Beautiful Dreamer, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow have that taken care of. Of course, a little exercise is also good for the heart, and with songs like I’m a Yankee-Doodle-Dandy, Over There, and 76 Trombones, you’re likely to wear out your toes with tapping, your voice with singing, and your hands with clapping!  Think about tenor Warren Moulton singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and Soprano Sarah Hibbard singing It’s a Grand Old Flag!


The Harbor Country Singers, a wonderful new group from right here in Harbor Country will join the festivities by performing the National Anthem as only they can do it. Make it a point to come Saturday Night the 17th of June at 8 pm, and bring your neighbors.  See if you don’t make a few new friends. Tickets are $25 and $35. Call 269-756-3879, or go to  

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